Next Show: Fontana’s Friday June 5th!

Hey everyone –

Our next show!
As some of you know, our beloved brother Seth Glickman will be attending graduate school in Pittsburgh in the fall.  While Seth will always be a member of FRANK, this is a great opportunity to see us in our current form before he spends more time in the Iron City.  Come by and give Seth a big hug (and/or a scotch).

We’re excited to share the evening with with our good friends in a reunited (one night only) Hello Nurse as well as The Rinse!  Please RSVP on facebook by clicking here.

Here’s the details:

What:  FRANK (with Seth) live!

Where: Fontana’s 105 Eldridge Street (map)

When:  Friday, June 5th.
8:00:  The Rinse
9:00:  Hello Nurse
10:00 FRANK

Cheers –
Billy, Christian, Scott & Seth


If you know our good friend Guy Rader (“GYRADER”), you’ll think this is really cool. If you don’t you might enjoy it anyway. A few weeks ago Scott, Seth and Guy were at CHEZ FRANK and put together this version of a song Guy has been singing about himself for along time. Check it out here with Guy’s video treatment. We’re told he’s going to do a proper video in a few months as well.

Vampire Weekend – Channeling Paul Simon for a new generation

I like them. They’ve definitely got a cool sound. I am, however, getting a little tired of hearing how original and eclectic and daring their music is. Sounds alot like Paul Simon to me. Check it out for yourself – here’s a cool performance in “Juan’s Basement”. There’s interviews too.

They seem like cool guys. The drummer likes Phish. Thus, via Billy Ziff, FRANK and Vampire Weekend have something in common…