Press photo by Joe Papeo

frank is writing this bio together. We are four decent guys who write, record, and play rock and roll music in new york city. We all share a passion for creating the kind of music we want to hear. In turn, this passion drives us to enjoy working hard at what we do. It has never been about making money (though we’ll take it if it’s offered) or being famous (though we want as many people who might like the music to get a chance to hear it). frank is the writing, the improvisation, the music and the people. We’ve been together for 13 years. frank is family.

We’re about to release our fourth record: “Music and Other Bad Habits” (“MaOBH”). The record does the best job yet of capturing the band’s natural energy. We are dealing with themes of self-acceptance, wrestling with maturity and aging, reconciling passions with responsibilities, and the inevitability of outward anger and frustration turning inward. MaOBH spans a wide spectrum of our musical sensibilities, from the lush longing of “Blindside”, to the self-conscious soul rock of the title track. From the upbeat improvisation of “Echo Warm” to the melodic arc of “Negative Vibe”, and finally to the knowing resignation of closer “Don’t Look Now”. MaOBH tells a story you’ve heard before, provided you’ve been listening.

MaOBH is the second record to feature Christian Linsey (drums and percussion) and Seth Glickman (keys) alongside founding members Billy Ziff (bass) and Scott Porter (guitar, vox). However, frank has always been a family affair, as Scott and Seth have been playing music together for over 20 years (having shared the stage with the Goo Goo Dolls, Live and God Street Wine) and Christian has played music with frank and related projects as long as the band has existed.

It bears repeating: frank is family.

MaOBH came from the first sessions ever recorded at Bushwick’s Room 17, a vibrant recording studio co-founded by frank’s Scott Porter alongside fellow producer/engineer/musicians and longtime friends Joe Rogers (The Shivers, Kelli Scarr, Noah & the Megafauna) and Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Ben Harper, Varnaline). Adam Lasus recorded and co-produced frank’s first two records, and Joe recorded and co-produced the next two (including MAOBH). Joe used to play in a band with Christian, and frank played it’s first show with that band. All in the family.

Thanks for joining us, stick around a while.