Next Show: Fontana’s Friday June 5th!

Hey everyone –

Our next show!
As some of you know, our beloved brother Seth Glickman will be attending graduate school in Pittsburgh in the fall.  While Seth will always be a member of FRANK, this is a great opportunity to see us in our current form before he spends more time in the Iron City.  Come by and give Seth a big hug (and/or a scotch).

We’re excited to share the evening with with our good friends in a reunited (one night only) Hello Nurse as well as The Rinse!  Please RSVP on facebook by clicking here.

Here’s the details:

What:  FRANK (with Seth) live!

Where: Fontana’s 105 Eldridge Street (map)

When:  Friday, June 5th.
8:00:  The Rinse
9:00:  Hello Nurse
10:00 FRANK

Cheers –
Billy, Christian, Scott & Seth

“Here Together” Now Available for Purchase!

Our long-awaited third record, “Here Together” will be available on January 31st at the following outlets:

Digital Download:
Buy on iTunes
Buy on Amazon

CD Purchase:
Buy at CDBaby

Check out some reviews:

“This new record is a complete reflection of what Frank is all about which is one tight-knit group of guys who make top-quality recordings. The band chemistry can be heard almost instantaneously as soon as you hit play.” 4.5 out of 5 – Skope Magazine

“There is not a band that has came out with a title this year that comes forth in such a unique way as Frank…Frank’s Here Together will have listeners singing along before their third or fourth listen.” 8.1 out of 10 – Neufutur Magazine

“On its latest release, HERE TOGETHER, the band evokes just as much of the no-frills essence of 1970s hard rock as it does the coffee-amped college radio rock scene of the 1990s. However, Frank is a band that can only exist in the 21st century, having absorbed both eras with intense reverence while avoiding sounding dated.” – Music Emissions

“This band gets stuck in the listener’s head…killer tunes” Grade: A – Suite 101

scott, billy, seth, and christian

FRANK begins pre-production on NEW RECORD(S)!

Hey everyone –
I am thrilled to report that later today I will trudge through the sleet to begin pre-production for the third FRANK record. It’s been a long time coming, and we’re all very excited to get started. We’ll keep you posted as things progress, but here is some information we know for sure:

Scott Porter – Vocals and Guitar
Billy Ziff – Bass
Seth Glickman – Keyboards
Christian Linsey – Drums

Can’t say for sure, but I can say we’re going to record a lot, probably enough for either a double album (holy 1978 batman) or two full records. We’ve got a ton of material to choose from, current plans are for around 20 songs total.

Next month we will head up to Silence Breaks Studios ( to begin tracking with our good friend Joe Rogers, with subsequent recording likely to take place at our own CHEZ FRANK studios in Brooklyn.

The past few years have been very eventful for the band, including the Seth’s arrival, Ray’s departure, Evan’s arrival and departure, three children, a wedding and a divorce. FRANK has held together through it all and (in my humble non-biased opinion) sounds better than ever. We have been through alot and I think it shows in the music.

For those of you who have continued to stick with us over the years, we can not thank you enough. We make this music because we love to – there is no other reason. If you’re reading this, chances are you feel the same passion for music as we do, and our music speaks to you in some way. If that’s the case, we are making this record for you too.



8/21 National Underground Gig is Cancelled. Come see us at a free outdoor benefit on Saturday, 8/22 instead!

FRANK says:

— FRANK LIVE (free show) Saturday, August 22nd at 6PM at The Compound!
— FRANK 8/21 National Underground show is CANCELLED

Hey everyone -

So our show on Friday 8/21 at The National Underground is cancelled. Let’s just call it a scheduling conflict and move on with our lives.

Instead, we’re playing a free early show on Saturday August 22nd at a really cool venue for a great cause! The Compound (check them out here or here) is a great outdoor party space on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn (see below for directions). It’s an all ages venue, and there’s going to be dance, music, giveaways, all kinds of stuff. We’re playing there as part of a fundraiser for BK Farmyards, a great company founded by our friend Stacey that works to promote sustainable living by transforming idle plots of land into farmyards.

The party runs from 3PM – Midnight. We’re supposed to play at 6PM SHARP. Come on out!

Here’s the details:

FRANK live

The Compound
1281 – 1287 Atlantic Ave, bet. Nostrand & New York Ave
(bet. Nostrand & New York Ave)


Saturday, August 22nd, 6:00PM

Take the A or C train to Nostrand Avenue, walk two blocks to Atlantic Avenue

Click Here For Map

New live Frank tracks from our April Arlene’s Grocery show are available free online right now. Go listen to them and/or download them here. Look out for more new live free FRANK soon.

Hope to see you at The Compound!