These Songs Will Save Your Life

I often try to find words, or references, as a way to explain how I feel about music, or a particular song. Music communicates so much without words, and I think that’s why I like it so much. I thought I’d share a few songs I am in love with – these songs make me feel alive. I did my best to find words, but your best bet is to just listen to the songs yourself.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings – Father John Misty

I am in love with this entire album, and I can’t stop playing this song.  It’s a winter song.  The riff and the drums make me want to walk around the world and talk to everyone.  It makes me laugh and want to go out and get shit done, to call my friends, to play music and to write my own songs that sound like this.   I can picture the cemetery he’s singing about, and although I don’t understand his lyrics exactly, I like how he is able to talk about death openly and without too much sentimentality.  J. Tilman AKA Father John Misty (former drummer for Fleet Foxes) has his own way of weaving words together, and his voice perfect: rough and crackly, but strong and authentic.

Matterhorn – Jason Lytle

I will never forget the first time I heard Jason Lytle.  It was as though I finally was hearing music made for me.  His songs help me make sense of the world.  I love his voice and the way he builds songs.  He carefully layers his production and makes simple ideas sound perfect.  In this tune, the classical acoustic sits on top of synths and the simple drums drive everything.  The song is constantly ascending and soaring, and I almost wonder if that is on purpose – the song is called “Matterhorn,”  a mountain in Europe.

I am the Cosmos – Chris Bell

This song is honest and beautiful.  It’s about being alone, but the lyrics are swimming in of a big lush ballad that keeps you company.  I have a theory that once you write something down – lyrics or a melody, it’s instantly less bad than it felt when it was tucked inside you.  And this song feels like that to me.  The recording and musicians are great, and the song has a desperation that is released by the playing of the song.  The dynamics give it a grandiose, celebratory feel, even though the song is about how terrible loneliness can feel.