“Here Together” Now Available for Purchase!

Our long-awaited third record, “Here Together” will be available on January 31st at the following outlets:

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Check out some reviews:

“This new record is a complete reflection of what Frank is all about which is one tight-knit group of guys who make top-quality recordings. The band chemistry can be heard almost instantaneously as soon as you hit play.” 4.5 out of 5 – Skope Magazine

“There is not a band that has came out with a title this year that comes forth in such a unique way as Frank…Frank’s Here Together will have listeners singing along before their third or fourth listen.” 8.1 out of 10 – Neufutur Magazine

“On its latest release, HERE TOGETHER, the band evokes just as much of the no-frills essence of 1970s hard rock as it does the coffee-amped college radio rock scene of the 1990s. However, Frank is a band that can only exist in the 21st century, having absorbed both eras with intense reverence while avoiding sounding dated.” – Music Emissions

“This band gets stuck in the listener’s head…killer tunes” Grade: A – Suite 101

scott, billy, seth, and christian